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How do I remove static cling from my silks?Updated a month ago

Always use a detergent for silk. Never use household detergents or fabric softeners. The enzymes and chemicals in these products can be quite harsh on such a delicate fabric, and can ruin the quality of your silk.

To prevent or get rid of static electricity try some of the following advice:

1) Apply moisturizer to your body before you get dressed 
Try to apply lotion to your legs or any other part of your body that experiences static cling. Please be sure to allow the moisturizer to be completely soaked in before dressing. (If your skin is greasy, it may leave a stain!

If you are wearing tights you can also rund som body lotion over the tights

2) Use a metal hanger or a safety pin in the care label
Run a metal hanger on the surface and inside any clothing article. This will reduce the electrical charge by transferring the electron charges on the clothes to the metal hanger. A safety pin in the care label will also do the trick.

3) Use anti-static spray
Anti-static sprays are specifically designed to eliminate static cling. Simply spray a small amount onto your silk garment before wearing it.
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